High School Students

Exclusive programming for Students and Educators

Our High School track at this year’s Never Is Now united hundreds of students for a truly inspiring and educational day. Students and educators received access to every panel at the Summit, including an exclusive workshop for students where they discussed the topics raised in other sessions from the day, as well as personal experiences. Educators and students learned strategies to address antisemitism, bias and hate in their lives.

Below are some of the featured panels highlighted for educators and students. Please click here to see all the session from this year’s Never Is Now Summit.

Do They Actually Care? Reporting Hate to Social Media Platforms.
Go behind the curtain and see how social media platforms operate when it comes to online hate and harassment and how they handle, or don’t, antisemitic and hateful content. Hear from real life targets of online hate and harassment, how the platforms fail to moderate it and learn how you can report it.

Anti-Zionism’s Global Reach
Anti-Zionism is a common thread in antisemitic incidents in many countries, a growing trend that increasingly makes Jews feel unsafe. This session will feature Jewish communal leaders from around the world sharing their experiences with anti-Israel campaigns and attitudes in their countries, how it is impacting their communities.

How Students Are Confronting Anti-Zionism and All Antisemitism on Campus (Presented with Hillel International)
In recent years, antisemitism in various forms has been on the rise on college campuses. As anti-Israel and anti-Zionist movements proliferate, so too does the antisemitic rhetoric they sometimes spread, creating spaces in which Jewish students feel disparaged or even threatened. Join students, in partnership with Hillel International, to hear how they have shown strength in the face of antisemitism and anti-Zionist activism and how we can better prepare young people for these challenges.”

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