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Voices Against Antisemitism: Influencers Shaping Change

Featuring Eitan Bernath, Miriam Ezagui, Debbie Lechtman, Ariel Martin

Livestream Mar 7, 10:00am-11:00am ET Media & Entertainment
Join us for an engaging discussion with influential voices from the realm of social media who have utilized their platforms to combat antisemitism. In an era where online personalities wield significant influence, this panel showcases individuals who have chosen to leverage their reach and advocate against the rise of antisemitism and hate. This panel aims to illuminate the pivotal role social media influencers play in shaping attitudes and perceptions. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the efforts made by these influential figures to combat antisemitism and contribute to a more tolerant and informed online community.


Miriam Ezagui

Content creator, RN, BSN

Miriam Ezagui is a Brooklyn based Orthodox Jewish mom of four and labor & delivery nurse who uses her platforms to share what her life is like as an Orthodox Jew, educating about antisemitism and often features her 95 year old grandmother who is a Holocaust survivor.




Debbie Lechtman

Jewish Writer and Educator

Debbie Lechtman is a Jewish, Israeli, and Latina author, educator, content creator, and artist. She is a sitting board member at Indigenous Bridges and writes educational content on Jewish history and identity for the Anti-Defamation League, Creative Community for Peace, Honest Reporting, and more.

She has collaborated with a number of renowned organizations, including Jewish on Campus and the Center for Peace Communications, and has also presented lectures at a number of events, including events hosted by Limmud, the American Jewish Committee, the Holocaust Center for Humanity, Hillel, and Microsoft. In the past, she worked as a guide, educator, and curator at Costa Rica’s only Jewish museum and wrote for a number of Jewish publications


Ariel Martin


Ariel Martin, known as ‘Baby Ariel’ by much of her fandom, got her start in the entertainment industry when she was only 14 by posting lip sync videos on, the precursor app to Tik Tok. Her unique style struck a chord and within a few months, her following grew from a few dozen to over 6,000,000. Early on, Ariel decided to leverage her success across other entertainment platforms by posting original content which expanded her following to over 50,000,000 across all platforms. Her success did not come without challenges and being a young creator, she experienced a tremendous amount of cyber-bullying. Recognizing how other kids, teens, and young adults are vulnerable to personal, hurtful online attacks, she decided to use her influence to stand up and fight against cyber-bullying with her nationally recognized program, #ArielMovement. Her actions earned her the recognition of being a twice-honored ‘Time’s Most Influential People on the Internet’ along with multiple Teen’s Choice Awards. Ariel has gone on to expand her interests and activities within the entertainment industry where she has been featured in multiple ‘Disney Channel Original Movies’, starred in a Nickelodeon original movie, and hosted ‘Fam Jam’, a Disney Original show. Her most recent project, “Suncoast” premiered at 2024’s Sundance Film Festival and stars Woody Harrelson, Laura Linney, and Sundance’s breakout performer, Nico Parker. Ariel has always been a proud Jew having visited Israel for the first time when she was only 2 years old to honor her uncle Danny, an IDF soldier who’d been shot and killed by a sniper while escorting a group of mourners in Hebron. She later visited at age 11 with her family. Since the attacks of October 7th, Ariel has been a strong and staunch advocate for Jews, the land of Israel, and its right to defend itself despite the daily harassment and death threats she receives. She has interviewed survivors of the attack and family members of hostages in hopes of sharing their stories and bearing witness. This February, she visited Israel again, this time as a guest of “Combat Anti-Semitism Movement” where she visited the sites where the massacres of October 7th took place and met with families of hostages and victims of the attack. Ariel is an aspiring screenwriter and director and lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Milo, her fluffy dog Arlo, and her two silly cats Koa and Ash.


Eitan Bernath

Award-Winning Chef, Author, TV Personality

Eitan Bernath is an award-winning chef, author, TV personality, entertainer, and social justice activist. The multihyphenate began his gilded entertainment career early, appearing as one of the youngest ever contestants on the Food Network’s Chopped at just 11 years old. Since then, Bernath’s social media presence has amassed over 8 million followers and 3 billion annual video views that reach more than 350 million consumers in 150 countries every year. He is the chief executive officer of Eitan Productions, the Principal Culinary Contributor for the Daytime Emmy® award-winning Drew Barrymore Show on CBS, and is a contributor to The Washington Post, Food & Wine, Saveur, and Delish. Bernath’s debut cookbook Eitan Eats the World, a national bestseller, hit bookstands in May 2022 from Penguin Random House with critical acclaim from outlets including USA Today, Good Morning America, and the Associated Press. Heralded as a leader in social media for mastering the art of quick-cut content, Bernath’s story and success has graced the pages of publications including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, and People. In September 2021, Bernath became the youngest ever recipient of Forbes coveted 30 Under 30 award in Food & Drink. Building on his passion to contribute to the global effort to solve hunger, Bernath was appointed by the United Nations World Food Programme as a High Level Supporter in February 2023, becoming the youngest individual ever elevated to such a position. He also serves on City Harvest’s Food Council, World Central Kitchen’s Chef Corps, the Anti-Defamation League’s Entertainment Leadership Council, the White House Historical Association’s Next-Gen Leaders Cohort, and as an ambassador for Animal Haven, an animal shelter in downtown Manhattan.