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extremely Podcast: Live Recording

Featuring Oren Segal, Jessica Reaves, Alex Dwek, Nuseir Yassin

Mar 6, 2:00pm-3:00pm ET Extremism & Disinformation
Join the audience for a LIVE recording of the extremely podcast with Oren Segal, Vice President, and Jessica Reaves, Director, Content and Editorial Strategy at the ADL Center on Extremism, and two guests, Alex Dwek, COO, Nas Company and Nuseir Yassin, CEO, Nas Company. Alex and Nuseir will talk about how Nas Daily uses the power of social media to bring people together. The extremely podcast gives audiences a window into the daily work of fighting – and disrupting – extremism and hate and provides critical insights into the ever-evolving extremist landscape. extremely showcases fresh perspectives from experts dedicated to understanding and combating these threats.


Alex Dwek

COO, Nas Company

Alex Dwek is the Chief Operating Officer of Nas Company, an ecosystem of businesses in the fields of media, technology, and travel, including Nas Daily, Nas Academy, Nas Summit and The Nas Company’s products reach 300 million people every month. The company has one mission: to bring people together through content, experiences and technology.

Prior to Nas, Alex spent 4 years as a General Manager in Southeast Asia’s tech ecosystem, leading businesses in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia for technology giant Uber and regional super app Grab. As a student, Alex served as the President of the Union of Jewish Students UK, as the sole representative of the 10,000 Jewish students across UK college campuses. Alex currently lives in Singapore with his wife and two daughters.


Nuseir Yassin

CEO, Nas Company

Nuseir, recipient of the Daniel Pearl Award, rose to fame by doing the crazy task of making 1,000 videos in 1,000 days. Now, he is focused on building Nas Company – the community company. They make video content, craft incredible experiences, and build powerful technology tools for community builders. By reaching over 300 million people every month, he has transformed the way people connect both online and offline.






Oren Segal

Vice President, ADL Center on Extremism

As Vice President of the Center on Extremism, Oren Segal leads the organization’s efforts to combat extremism, terrorism, and all forms of hate both in the physical world and online. Recognized as a foremost authority on extremism, the Center on Extremism consists of a team of experts, analysts, and investigators who provide invaluable resources, expertise, and educational briefings to law enforcement agencies, public officials, and internet and technology companies.

Throughout his tenure at ADL, Oren has dedicated much of his time to evaluating and countering the trends, tactics, and impact of antisemitism and extremism across the entire ideological spectrum. He regularly appears on national and international media outlets, provides expert witness testimony, and speaks at conferences worldwide. In recognition of his exceptional service in the public interest, Oren was honored by the FBI in 2006. He was named one of the 50 influential, intriguing, and inspiring American Jews by the Forward in 2019. Prior to joining ADL in 1998, Oren worked for The New York Times and the Jewish Community Federation in San Francisco. He is a graduate of Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

Jessica Reaves

Director, Content and Editorial Strategy, Center on Extremism, ADL

Jessica Reaves is the Director of Content and Editorial Strategy for the ADL Center on Extremism. She has written extensively about the foundational role of misogyny within a range of extremist groups and movements, including incels and white supremacy.

Before joining the COE in 2014, Reaves was a reporter for more than 15 years, covering politics, the U.S. Supreme Court and global health as a staff writer for the Chicago Tribune, Ms., the Chicago News Cooperative and, among others. Reaves is a graduate of Duke University.