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Digital Harassment: How Marginalized Communities are Targeted Online

Featuring Daniel Kelley, Sarah Moore, More Speakers to Come...

Mar 5, 9:00am-10:20am ET
With a surge in antisemitic hate across the country, online spaces are not immune. Our recent survey found that 44% of Jewish Americans experienced harassment online, with 31% experiencing severe harassment. This panel will discuss the rising hate and harassment that Jews and other marginalized groups face online, and what platforms and users should do to help stop it.


Daniel Kelley

Director, Strategy & Operations, Center for Technology & Society, ADL

Daniel Kelley (he/him/his) is the Director of Strategy and Operations and Acting Head of the ADL Center for Technology and Society (CTS). CTS is a research-driven advocacy center that works to end the proliferation of antisemitism and all forms of hate and harassment online. Daniel was the second employee of the center after its founding in 2017 and has lead tech company engagement for ADL since that time. Since 2019, Daniel has been the lead author of ADL’s annual nationally representative survey of hate, harassment and extremism in online games. He also leads CTS’ tech accountability research efforts, such as its Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial Report Card, which look at ways to create research grounded advocacy products to inform the public about the nature of hate and harassment online and to hold tech companies accountable. He has spoken publicly on these issues at the Game Developers Conference, RightsCon, Games for Change and has been consulted on issues related to hate and extremism in gaming by numerous federal US agencies, US legislative offices as well as government agencies in the UK, France and Germany.

Sarah Moore

Anti-LGBTQ+ Extremism Analyst for ADL & GLAAD

Sarah Moore (she/her) is the Anti-LGBTQ+ Extremism Analyst for ADL and GLAAD focused on countering anti-LGBTQ+ extremism and hate. She received her master’s degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University and her bachelor’s degree from Miami University. Previously, she worked as a General Associate at the University of Maryland’s START Global Terrorism Database (GTD).


More Speakers to Come…